Kendo (Japanese swordsmanship) Equipment
大阪 河戸武道具店 (全国剣道具職人会会員)
by Kawato Budo-gu Co. (since 1976) & New Topper Limited

Up-dated on Sep. 19th 2013


Bogu craftsman Shinji Kawato is introduced in Kendo Jidai magazine May 2002.

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Special Campaign Items!!!
Sold out
(only few left for several sizes)
High quality Kendo-gi & Hakama (Limited offer)
Indigo dyed double layer Kendo-gi US$69-/pc
(smaller size for ladies available)
Indigo dyed #7000 Cotton Hakama US$69-/pc

Kendo-gi & Hakama (Set price) US$118-/set

Bogu-ya Original Machine 5mm Kote (designed for practice)   US$64.00-/pair Sold-out
Machine 6mm adult bogu set +Bogu bag. US$199-/set  Best for Dojo inventory. Sold-out
Machine 5mm adult Bogu set +Bogu bag. US$339-/set Sold-out

Additional US$7- is required as a bank charge for each payment smaller than US$700-.


Kawato Budo-gu Co. (Shinji Kawato)
4-19-31 Suwa, Joto-Ku, Osaka, Japan

*Shinji Kawato :
Founded kawato Budo-gu Co. on 1976.
A member of Kendo-gu Syokunin-kai (Japan Kendo Bogu Craftsmen's Association.).
Learned Bogu craftsmanship from Mr.Kiyoshi Mori (Shoryu) in Kyoto and have been keeping training this traditional work. 

Mr.Kawato's trip in Toronto 

New Topper Limited
Kowloon, Hong Kong (in English and Japanese)

Yoshio Yamada
Using Mr.Kawato's bogu for 30years.
1990-1991 living in Tronto, Canada.
Establish New Topper Limited for shell button trading
and living in Hong Kong since 1995.
46years old. 7th dan.

Yamada's Kendo Photo album
(up-dated on Dec. 4th 2004)

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