Extra large size

Aren't you experiencing the hard time because of too small bogu?
Don't you know anyone can not start practice because he can not find bogu that fits him?
We receive many message from the people looking for extra large size bogu.

Please don't give up!!
All you have to do is be patient to exchange e-mail several times and give us correct information about your body size.
We try to make the additional cost as less as possible. (We use minimum number of special parts which costs extra according to your body size.)

Followings are photos of special order for extra large size.





15pcs horizontal bar Men-gane. (normally 14pcs) Extra large Men pad (length and width)
Extra large Do-dai. (Chest part is normal size)  

Please refer our order form and give us details as much as possible.

For limited budget, we have less expensive extra large bogu for you.
Please click following.
Economy Extra-Large bogu set


Any questions? newtoper@bogu-ya.com