Kendo-Gi & Hakama (Extra large size is possible. Please inquire.)
**Anti-germ material Kendo-Gi & Hakama are available.**

(Prices are not including postage.)

Musashi Kendo-Gi White Single thickness  
US$24-/pc Size 2-3 (for kids) Kids' size 0-2 US$34-/pc  
  Adult size 3-5 US$39-/pc  
Blue Single thickness Blue Double thickness  
Kids' size 0-2 US$39-/pc Adult size 2-5 US$99-/pc  
Adult size 3-5 US$44-/pc    
Polyester Hakama (Blue & White) Cotton #7000 Hakama  
Kids' size -23 US$44-/pc Adult size US$109-/pc  
Adult size 24- US$49-/pc (White color US$89-/pc)  
Cotton&poly All size US$29-/pc    
Anti-germ material Kendo-Gi Anti-germ material Kendo-Gi Anti-germ material Hakama
White Single thickness Blue Single thickness Cotton #7000
Size 0-2 US$59- Size 3-5 US$69- Size 0-2 US$84- Size 3-5 US$89- Kids' size -23 US$149-/pc
White Double thickness US$159-/pc Blue Double thickness US$179-/pc Adult size 24- US$159-/pc

*Made in China Kendo-gi and Hakama blue color may change to grayish later.

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Yoshio Yamada