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Basingstoke Kendo Club

APK Portuguese Kendo Association


Kendo Club of Virginia Tech

New York City Kendo Club Midtown KENSHINKAI 
武道専門学校 剣心会義塾



Hong Kong

Sekishinkan Kendojo (traditional Chinese 繁体中国語エンコード必要)







剣道時代 Kendo Jidai

Recommendations from customers.

Over the past few years, Mr.Shinji Kawato has supplied numerous items of Kendo equipment to me and other members of British Kendo Association. Not only is he a first class bogu craftsman, but he has a pricing policy that is hard to beat. Mr.Shinji Kawato is above all a good Kendo friend on whom we can always rely for information and honest advice

.Geoff Salmon, Renshi 6th dan,
British Team Manager and Vice Chairman,
British Kendo Association.

Congratulation Kawato's new Web Site on Kendo merchandise for sale.Members of our
group for the past nine years have been buying various items and are very happy
with the excellent quality, price and above service we have received from Kawato's
Bogu supplies.
Thank you very much.

The Burlington Kendo Dojo has been in existence for over ten years.Its chief
instructor is Paul Morgan,fifth dan Tsuneo Yamazaki third dan, Andreas Dreasner
third dan and president of the dojo, Michael Robertson third dan and Geoff Carson
third dan Kendo and Iaido.
We practice every Monday evening for about three hours @ Tansley Woods Centre at
1996 Itabachi-way, Burlington, Ontario Canada. All are welcome to join or

Paul Morgan, 5th dan
The Burlington Kendo Dojo chief instructor , Ontario, Canada


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