Regular Items

Himo(strings), Kendo-Gi&Hakama, Shinai, Shinai Accessories

Bokuto, Shinai-bag, Bogu-bag

*We can recommend even other items according to your requirement and budget.
*Extra large size ; We can handle. Please don't hesitate to inquire!
Full Set Bogu Kids Machine Stitch 6mm US$315-/set
    *Sizes choosable.
(all items Adult Machine Stitch 5mm US$479-/set
including   *Light material Men-gane.
Bogu Bag.) Adult Machine Stitch 4mm US$619-/set
To order click here.   *Light material Men-gane.
Any questions? Adult Machine Stitch 3mm US$999-/set
    *All titanium Men-gane.
  Adult Hand Stitch 2Bu US$1,809-/set
    *All titanium Men-gane,60pcs bamboo Do.
  Adult Hand Stitch 1.5Bu US$2,099-/set
    *All titanium Men-gane,60pcs bamboo Do.
  Adult Hand Stitch 1.2Bu US$2,389-/set
    *All titanium Men-gane,60pcs bamboo Do.
  Adult Hand Stitch 1Bu US$2,669-/set
    *All titanium Men-gane,60pcs bamboo Do.
Men-Himo White     US$4.50-/pair
  Blue short   US$6.00-/pair
  Blue long   US$6.50-/pair
  Blue(superior) short   US$15-/pair
  Blue(superior) long   US$16-/pair
Do-Himo White     US$4.50-/set
  Blue     US$6.00-/set
  Blue(superior)     US$15-/set
Kendo-Gi (kids)     Size  
(Click to photo) Musashi   2-3 US$24-/pc
  White Single thickness 0-2 US$34-/pc
  Blue Single thickness 0-2 US$39-/pc
Anti-germ processed White Single thickness 0-2 US$53-/pc
Anti-germ processed Blue Single thickness 0-2 US$75-/pc
Hakama (Kids) White Polyester -23 US$44-/pc
(Click to photo) Blue Polyester -23 US$44-/pc
  Blue/White P&C -23 UD$29-/pc
Anti-germ processed Blue Cotton #7000 -23 US$149-/pc
Kendo-Gi (Adult) White Single thickness 3-5 US$39-/pc
(Click to photo) Blue Single thickness 3-5 US$44-/pc
  Blue Double thickness 2-5 US$99-/pc
Anti-germ processed White Single thickness 3-5 US$69-/pc
Anti-germ processed White Double thickness   US$159-/pc
Anti-germ processed Blue Single thickness 3-5 US$89-/pc
Anti-germ processed Blue Double thickness   US$179-/pc
Hakama (Adult) Blue/White Polyester 24- US$49-/pc
(Click to photo) Blue/White P&C 24- US$29-/pc
  Blue Cotton #7000   US$109-/pc
  White Cotton #7000   US$89-/pc
Anti-germ processed Blue Cotton #7000   US$159-/pc
*Anti-germ items would not reek very soon.
May be gentle for sensitive skin.
To order click here.
Any questions?
Shinai   Only Bamboo 30-38 US$14-/pc
    Only Bamboo 39 US$18-/pc
    Ready Set up 30-38 US$19-/pc
    Ready Set up 39 US$24-/pc
*Ready set up Shinai: Sakigawa&Nakayui : Gin quality (37-39) Toko quality (-36)
  Tsukagawa : Toko quality (all sizes)
  Including Tsuba & Tsuba-dome.
Shinai Accessories Tsuba Poly 8cm   US$0.60-/pc
(Click to photo) Tsuba Poly 9cm   US$2.00-/pc
  Tsuba Leather 1 (current price) about US$35-/pc
  Tsuba Leather 2 (current price) about US$35-/pc
  Tsuba-dome (stopper)   US$0.40-/pc
  Sakigawa Gin all size US$2.30-/pc
  Nakayui Gin all size US$1.00-/pc
  Tsukagawa Toko   US$2.00-/pc
  Tsukagawa Gin   US$8.50-/pc
  Tsuru     US$0.40-/pc
  Sakigomu (Rubber core)   US$0.20-/pc
Bokuto color      
Daito Reddish Aka-gashi   US$18-/pc
  Whitish Shiro-gashi   US$20-/pc
Shoto Reddish Aka-gashi   US$12-/pc
  Whitish Shiro-gashi   US$12-/pc
  *All Bokuto including Tsuba&Tsubadome.
*We suggest to order Shinai and Bokuto with your friends to save postage.
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Shinai Bag        
(Click to photo) SB1 Brown canvas 2shinais US$10-/pc
  SB2 Blue Nylon 2shinais US$20-/pc
  SB3 Brown canvas 2shinais US$25-/pc
  SB4 Brown canvas 3shinais US$28-/pc
  SB5 Imitation Leather 2shinais US$28-/pc
  SB6 Imitation Leather 3shinais US$35-/pc
  SB7 Canvas(with letters) 3shinais US$33-/pc
Bogu bag BB1 Green cloth   US$12-/pc
(Click to photo) BB2 Brown canvas   US$25-/pc
  BB3 Brown canvas   US$18-/pc
  BB4 Imitation leather   US$25-/pc
  BB5 Black canvas   US$50-/pc
  BB6 Imitation leather   US$50-/pc
  BB7 Imitation leather with wheel US$85-/pc
  BB8 Nylon   US$60-/pc
  BB9 Nylon   US$100-/pc
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Prices are not including postage. Additional US$7- is required as a bank charge for each payment smaller than US$700-.(Prices may be changed without any notice.)

Size Adjustment
As long as the information about your body size is correct, usually you will not have big problem. Even if you feel the bogu is slightly tight or uncomfortable for you, it will suit you soon.
However, if your Men is too big, please inform first and send (only this postage is on you) back to us. We will adjust the size without any charges and re-send to you. Because even if measurement is same, due to the shape of the head, we may have this kind of case.

We will repair our bogu even years later. The repairing charges depends on the case.
Please feel free to contact us any time.

Any questions, please contact
Yoshio Yamada