We will repair our bogu even years later. The repairing charges depends on the case.
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Followings are photos when I visit Hong Kong.

Mostly the size of Men were OK.
However, there was a common problem with their way of wearing Men.
Some of them were not wearing their Men in proper way so that inside ring pad has change the shape in wrong way and they feel too loose.

Please put your forehead and chin on the right position. And make sure both of your eyes comes to biggest gap of Men-gane. Then tie the strings tightly. This way makes your Men fit your head properly. Someone use Tenugui at your chin. I do not think it is very good way. It makes inside ring pad bigger. It is very important you wear your new Men in  right way. 

Both of eyes must be at biggest gap of Men-gane. 
(at my hotel room on Mar.28th)
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