What is the meaning of "suitable" item and "reasonable price"?

It is quite difficult to say "this bogu is expensive" or "this store sells very cheap" etc.
Because the qualities of bogu are many and various.

For example

Case 1

One beginner bought a set of new bogu. He felt it was very expensive.
But, his bogu was hand stitch.

The price and quality of the goods may balance. (Price may be reasonable.) However, is hand stitch bogu required for beginner's practice?  (He may have not got suitable supply.)

Case 2

Store A sells same bogu (For example, hand stitch 1Bu) for much cheaper price compare to Store B.

Both are hand stitch 1Bu. However, the bogu from Store A use Duralumin Men-gane and
imitation bamboo Do. The bogu from Store B use Titanium Men-gane and real bamboo Do.
Either of them may have reasonable price for its quality. But, these 2 bogus are not same quality.

Case 3

Although using same kind of parts and same out-looking, one bogu is more expensive than the other.

Inside of the pad of Men, Kote and Tare, quality of skin, leather or lacquer etc. may be different.
It is quite difficult to recognize such kind of difference.


There are many and various kinds of case. And it may depend on the company size or distribution.
So, it is not easy to compare the price or evaluate Bogu.

Important things are

For above points, we are sure you can get good advice from senior members in your Dojo.

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